Consultancy Agreement

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A consultancy agreement is a binding document between a consultant and a patron that narrates all the terms and conditions applied to the consulting services that the consultant is obliged to provide. Additionally, the terms of the agreement also comprise requirements related to the client, whether it is in term of payment or support of the prospective consultant’s efforts. A consulting agreement includes start and end dates of consultancy.

Consultancy agreement has been designed to cover an array of consultancies. The agreement could be short, but include every specification of services, deliverable, licensing, charges etc. A consulting agreement will exhibit the pledges made by the client. This may allow access to any copyrighted documents or other info that the consultant requires for his consultancy service. It establishes the support and interaction between the client and consultant. The consulting agreement will also demonstrate the payment terms for the rendered functions especially this focus on formal agenda for the receipt of timely payments.

Key components of consultancy agreement include

  • Services
  • Deliverable aspects
  • License with expiry
  • payments amount, date and style
  • General Warranties
  • Assigned Liabilities
  • Termination terms
  • Status of consultant
  • Subcontracting options

In this digital age, designing such legal documents has become so easy to deliver prompt services in an authentic manner. Previously it was a major task to design and write the consultancy agreement manually and get it print or use the original handwritten agreement. Such cases offer a possibility of error as reviewing the handwritten document with large content is confusing and time-consuming. To ease this entire chaos internet offers a wide collection of free online templates for consultancy agreement created by Professionals. Just fill in the downloaded document with your specification and print it. 100% customization options are available in MS Word or Excel category or other files.

consultancy agreement template

Consultancy Agreement
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