Construction Agreement

If you are planning a new construction don’t forget to sign a construction agreement which saves you from every chaos associated with the construction process. This contract is written to avoid any future misunderstandings on the construction projects. All the details are sketched in the agreement which is beneficial for both the contractor and the client. The construction agreement document is used when

  • You are renovating a property or you are in charge of a construction.
  • You are hiring another contractor to construct or renovate your own property.

All disputes regarding the designs, quality of laborer material used in the work or otherwise in connection with the agreement or the operation of the works, whether during the progress of the construction or after the completion of the building is referred to the settlement of two lawyers, appointed by each party. If you’re the contractor, a construction contract serves in two ways:

  • what your customers expect from your performance and how you want them to be.
  • your clients are going to accept what you charge them for the construction work.

This document entails

  • Service description
  • Work scope
  • Specifications and plans for construction
  • Legal compliance
  • Description of the site

Free online templates serve you to craft your own construction document with fully customizable options. Just download the contract from the site, fill in the specifications and get it ready for print and signatures.

Customized templates are available online to draft a valid construction agreement quickly. This will help you to deal with the problems of weather interruptions and material deficiencies, the time and amount you’ll be paying for this construction.

Construction Agreement template

Construction Agreement
Microsoft Word document file | File size 46 KB | Download

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