Company Services Agreement Template

What is service agreement?

When a seller provides a service to the purchaser then everything must be documented in a written form. Many companies incorporate a service agreement to sell their product on standards and authentic basis.

A service agreement can sometimes generate legal clashes. It might be because of wrong interpretations of the wordings documented in the document or failure to provide the prescribed service to the purchaser. In such cases, it is obligatory for the seller to reimburse the promised service in terms of service or money to the prospective buyer.

Service agreements are a significant feature of about every business and client’s dealings. A legal attorney can aid you in this respect if you wish. An attorney can assist you in revising or editing a service agreement.

The services should be defined in details and in writing to avoid any dispute in its deadlines. Payment deals should be outlined clearly comprising

  • The paid amount
  • The payment time and duration
  • Other expenses

Several templates are available at different websites free of charge to document a valid service agreement with all specifications. What you have to do is download a well-suited template and type your specifications in it to print and use your own service agreement.

The service agreement includes;

  • Repairs of damaged material
  • Replacement of UN functional parts
  • Troubleshooting option
  • Improvement of the service
  • Availability of home or on-site monitoring or repair
  • Customer service availability
  • Options of refunding

Sample Preview

company services agreement template


Company Services Agreement Template
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