Collection Letter of Payment on Forceful Note

Sample -1

It is to bring to your attention that your amount for repayment of debt for the month of May is still pending and overdue by 15 days now. Despite my continuous polite and soft reminders, emails, and letters about the repayment of the debt, your amount is outstanding. I have been trying to reach you out on phone too but your number is always switched off. I request you to provide me with a number that is operational so we may contact you.

The last transaction made from your side was on 20th April 20xx. Till today no further payment has been received. Your amount for the previous month’s debt is still pending. You need to pay $[X] immediately. Due to your sheer negligence and carelessness, no further business dealing will be made with you unless you clear all the previous debts. Moreover, the supply of goods has been terminated temporarily. If you will not clear your dues till 31st May 20xx, legal action will be taken against you.

I have attached the record of all the emails and previous reminders with this letter. In case you will not repay your debt, this letter will serve as proof to take legal action against you. In the least bad scenario, the court will ban your business and you will not be able you continue your business without your license as it will be canceled by the court.

Therefore, I wisely advise you to pay and clear all your previous debts till the date mentioned above. I have also attached the receipt of your last transaction and a list of items you purchased on credit with this letter for your convenience. You must acknowledge this letter. You can also drop an email in response to this letter at [X] or visit me in my office at [x] address during office hours. Take care.

Yours Truly,

Collection Letter of Payment on Forceful Note

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Sample -2

It is the final call to remind you about the payment of your outstanding debt. I am regretful to inform you that due to your negligence and carefree attitude towards the repayment of debt your case has been forwarded to the court. I have been given constant reminders via emails, letters, and phone calls but you have been unresponsive throughout. The details of the amount to be paid are as follows:

Principal amount due: $ [X]

Additional Amount: $ [X]

Interest cost: $ [X]

The due date has already been passed for two months now. The last amount we received from your side was $ [X] on 5th March 20xx. A copy of the receipt is attached to this letter. Your supply of goods from our side has been terminated previous month as per our agreement but even then you did not contact us. Since we have not heard from you for the last two months so have forwarded your case to the court. You will be hearing from the court officials anytime soon. They will guide you about the first hearing session of the court. You will be now appearing in the court to present your defense and to save your license to be canceled.

If you do not want to appear in the court and want to settle the matter outside you may contact us on our number [x]. You must acknowledge this letter. A copy of all the letters and emails of reminder has been attached with this letter. This letter will also be presented at the court. However, if you do not wish so then pay the overdue amount in seven days. I have arranged a meeting for you to discuss the issue of repayment. You may come to our office at [x] on Tuesday 2nd June 20xx to settle things outside the court. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours Faithfully,  

Collection Letter of Payment on Forceful Note

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