Cohabitation Agreement Template for Word

A cohabitation agreement is a contract between a couple that decides to live together as a couple but is not officially married. This agreement states all the responsibilities and assets division of the couple if they decide to part ways. It is a legal document and should be prepared in front of an advocate. Failing to follow the agreement, may cause serious consequences.

The template of a cohabitation agreement is presented below,

Cohabitation Agreement Template

This agreement is drafted on the date (__/__/__), between the following individuals,

Partner 1

Name: Derek Hugh
Address: 84 Heaven Street, California, USA.
Contact: 839 274-7392

Partner 2

Name: Amanda Smith
Address: 94 Moon Street, California, USA.
Contact: 284 279-8402

Terms and conditions of the contract as agreed by both partners after mutual understanding are given below,

Section -1

  1. The agreement shall commence from date (__/__/__), after which both partners are responsible for following it.
  2. If any partner owns a property, other partner cannot claim any share for it.
  3. If the other partner helped in paying mortgage or renovation of the property, owner partner will pay the other partner in change.
  4. If both partners buy a mutual property, then after separation, both partners can live in it.
  5. Both partners are entitled to sell their share of property to partner or unknown person.
  6. Household bills will be shared between the partners while living together.
  7. In case of death of a partner, other partners will not inherit the fortune of dead partner.
  8. Inheritance to the living partner can only be transferred if dying partner makes a will within his lifetime.
  9. In case of separation, partners will not be entitled or claim right to inherit property of partner.
  10. Joint account of the couple will be used by both while they live together. After separation, it will be closed, and the amount would be equally divided among partners.

Section -2

  1. Partners cannot claim insurance of partner.
  2. All the expensive gifts i.e., jewelry, cars, bags, glasses will remain with receiving partner after separation.
  3. If the couple decides to have babies while living together, children will be given the right to choose parent they want to live with after the separation of couple.
  4. If children are not age appropriate for taking this decision, then mother of the children will keep them with her.
  5. Other partner will provide care and financial support for children till they reach the age of 18.
  6. Both partners will attend all the important events of their children’s lives as a couple.
  7. Both partners will live in same state to make sure that children receive love from both.
  8. This agreement is drafted in the presence of 2 credible witnesses as provided by mutual understanding of both partners.
  9. Both partners will suffer serious consequences if they fail to follow the agreement.

Partner 1: Derek Hug ___________________ [Signature]

Partner 2: Amanda Smith ___________________ [Signature]

Witness # 1: Chris Amish _____________________ [Signature]

Cohabitation agreement template

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