Child Custody Agreement for Word

A child custody agreement is a written document which details the guidelines of child custody between both parents after they have been separated.

The court settles the custody battle between both parents and scenarios are different in different cases. In most cases, children stay with one parent, and another parent is obliged to provide financial support.

The template of the child custody agreement is provided below,

Sample Template

This agreement is drafted on the date (__/__/__) between the below-mentioned individuals,


Name: Tanner Will
Address: 88 Main boulevard, Utah, USA.
Contact: 345 234-7394


Name: Jade Roberts

Address: 23 Hill Road, North Dakota, USA.
Contact: 749 739-7292

Terms and conditions of the agreement are mentioned below,

Section A

  1. This agreement shall commence from date (__/__/__) and should be taken seriously.
  2. Both parents shall share joint legal custody of the minor children.
  3. Minor children include 15 years old Jacob and 10 years old Sarah.
  4. Both parents will share the responsibility to take decisions about health, education, and welfare of children.
  5. In case of sudden health examination of children, both parents will notify each other and provide name and address of the practitioner for follow-up.
  6. Each parent is entitled to take necessary actions regarding health of the children.
  7. Parents should take each other consent for emergency and surgical procedures.
  8. Parents should notify each other about all the treatments that their children went through.
  9. Each parent will have access to the medical and dental records of children.
  10. All the school records of the children will be shared among parents.

Section B

  1. In case of emergency, contact information and address of both parents should be provided to the school to contact any parent.
  2. Both partners should keep each other aware of their contact information, address, and any other location where children will spend time with any parent.
  3. Neither parent will use each other personal information for disturbing or harassing them rather they would be civil about this situation for their children.
  4. Parents will share information regarding the enrolment or ending of children admission to any mental health facility such as visit to psychologist or psychiatrist.
  5. Involvement in extracurricular activities and their achievements will be shared among parents so that they can celebrate them with children.
  6. If any parent does not involve other parent in taking decisions pertaining to the welfare of their children, then they may be subjected to civil penalties and can also lose their battle of custody.
  7. Both parents will exercise their parenting duties or alternate weeks.
  8. If any parent is busy in personal work or is down due to health conditions, then other parent can pitch in till the situation gets better.
  9. This agreement shall be signed in the presence of credible witnesses to ensure that process runs smoothly.
  10. This agreement drafted in the presence of legal counsels of josh parents to ensure their rights are preserved and they both have children custody.

Father: Tanner Will



Date: __/__/__

Mother: Jade Roberts



Date: __/__/__

Witness #1: Chris Hill



Date: __/__/__

Child custody agreement template

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