Cease and Desist Harassment Letter


This cease-and-desist order is to notify you that I cannot tolerate your nagging behavior anymore. Despite my continuous resistance, you have not mended your ways. Yours calling me up in the middle of the night and to force me to go out on a dinner with you to get a promotion and to hold my hand without my consent and other such actions are quite unbearable. You need to stop harassing me this way.

I need you to know that all the above-mentioned actions come under the category of harassment and the law of our country is quite strict about it. I can sue you in court for under two categories: harassment, labor rights. I order you to stop these unlawful activities immediately or you will be responsible for the legal actions taken against you.

I strongly detest any such activity that comes under the category of stalking and harassment and advise you to condemn it too or else I will pursue any legal cure meant to stop such activities. In such a scenario, your reputation will be damaged and law enforcement forces will approach you.

I want you to stop doing such actions and send me in writing, proof that you are apologetic for your behavior and will not do such an action again. If you fail to comply with this request, legal consequences are awaiting you.

Consider this letter as a last warning to mend your ways before any legal action is taken against you. I have talked to my legal advisor about this situation but have not forwarded your case to the court yet. I am not contacting any law enforcement force and do not intend to do such if you promise not to stalk and harass me again ever. If you want to settle this matter outside the court you may talk to my legal advisor on his number [x].

Moreover, I have arranged a visit for you to sort out this matter. We will meet in the presence of my legal representative on 5th October 20xx at 4:00 pm in his office. The address of his office is [x].

To stop me to take any legal action against you and in compliance with this letter, please write me back and fill in the form attached with this letter within 10 days of receiving this letter. Awaiting your response.


Cease-and-Desist harassment letter


This cease-and-desist order is to inform you about your illegal act of harassing me. You continuously stalk me, send me unwanted and objectionable texts and forward me explicit content. I am writing this letter to tell you that you need to stop doing these activities because this will lead to some legal action against you.

Consider this letter as your final chance to mend your ways and write me an apology and send it back to me within 10 days of receiving this letter. Also, you need to fill the form enclosed if you want to settle this matter outside the court.

Otherwise, I will sue you in court. I have already discussed my case with my legal advisor. He might contact you to talk about the legal consequences of your action. He will also guide you about filling out the form. Waiting for your quick response.


Cease-and-Desist harassment letter

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