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Software License Agreement Template

What is software license agreement An end-user license agreement or software license agreement is

Staff Training Agreement Template

What is staff training agreement? This is an agreement between an employer and his

Company Services Agreement Template

What is service agreement? When a seller provides a service to the purchaser then

Sponsorship Agreement Template

What is sponsorship agreement? A Sponsorship Agreement oversees the legal affiliation between a Sponsor

Official Tenancy Agreement

What is tenancy agreement? A legal contract between a landlord and a tenant is

Marriage Separation Agreement

What is marriage separation agreement? A written document that defines how you and your

Sales Agreement Template

What is sales agreement? While selling product or service to another business a sales

Non Disclosure Agreement

What is nondisclosure agreement? A legal contract signed between two parties, companies or other miscellaneous

Project Construction Agreement

Business Project Agreements A project construction agreement is vital to building an office or

Partnership Agreement

Partnership Agreements A preferable composition of a monetary deal between friendly businessmen is known

MS Word Prenuptial Agreement

Prenuptial Agreements A prenuptial agreement, commonly abbreviated as prenup or prenuptial, is an agreement

Purchase Agreement Template

Purchase Agreements A legally binding document states the terms and conditions regarding the sales

Rental Agreement Template

Rental Agreements A legal agreement to protect the duties, rights & responsibilities of the

MS Word Loan Agreement

What is loan agreement? Working capital loans term loans or revolvers are the terms

MS Word Lease Agreement Template

Lease Agreements A lease is a contract for the (user) legally known as Lessee

Consultant Agreement Template

What is consultant agreement? A written covenant between a dealer and his consultant is

Formal Finance Agreement

Financial Agreements Finance companies are spreading their limbs all over the world. These companies

Franchise Agreement

n a franchise agreement, a franchisor is the one who allows the franchisee the

Joint Venture Agreement

What is joint venture agreement? It is very common that two business partner initialized

Dealership Agreement

Official Documents Dealers and suppliers both are the key personalities of sales supply, therefore

Consultancy Agreement

Formal and Official Documents A consultancy agreement is a binding document between a consultant

MS Word Consignment Agreement

Formal Agreements When some other person is selling goods on your behalf, you need

Formal Employer Agreement

Official Employment Agreements A simple contract signed between an employee and his boss is

Official Distributor Agreement

Distributor Agreements A distributor agreement is a bond between network partners that instructs the