Baseball Scorecards & Templates

History of Baseball

Baseball is one of the most watched games in the world. Abner Doubleday was the person who invented baseball in New York. Baseball came into existence before the World War-l & after that, in 1845, it was discovered and recognized as a professional sport.

Ages ago, sports were considered to be activities for maintaining health and stamina. But with the advent of time, people started taking sports more seriously. Teams were formed, training was conducted and local teams turned into professional teams who would go out of the country and compete with other teams. Sports turned into a more serious and commercial business.

Baseball Scorecards

With changes in the world of sports, different measures were adopted to make the sports look better and understandable for the people. In 1866, the first baseball scorecard was introduced in Philadelphia. By then, the scorecards were handed over to the audience who would study the scores manually by their own understanding.

Like all other games, baseball is a game different from others and so the performance and score are also monitored in a different way. Pitch count is a term used in baseball to count the pitches thrown by the pitcher. The pitcher tries to maintain the pitch count at a low level as this helps him to keep up with his stamina during the game. A starting pitcher is only allowed 100 pitches. The styles of the pitcher can also determine the number of pitches thrown by him.

How to Use Baseball Scorecard?

The best way to enjoy a baseball game is to use the scorecard. To start with, the names of the batting team can be written on the left side of the card. In baseball, each position is assigned a number. These numbers will be used to record the fielding plays. The whole scorecard can be divided into three sections: The positions and the batter shorthand. Each player has a diamond next to their name. These diamonds are used to track the progress of the players. If a runner scores, the diamond will be filled with the pencil.

About Templates

It is very important to understand the basics of the scorecard. Once the basics are understood, the card can be filled accordingly in every individual’s personalized style.

Following are given few sample templates that one can download and understand how the scorecard is prepared for the baseball game. Professional teams can use it as a complete scorecard for the game.

Basic Baseball Scorecard

Basic baseball scorecard template


Baseball Scorecard with Pitch Count

Baseball Scorecard with Pitch count


Baseball Scorecard without Pitch Count

Baseball scorecard without pitch count


Required Software: Microsoft Excel 2003 or Later

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