Baby Shower Planner

Baby Shower History

Having a baby is the wish and desire of every parent. After the baby is born, the parents celebrate the happiness and moments of their children in every possible way. Celebrating birthdays is the most momentous time for the parents as well as the children.

From conceiving a baby till the day the baby is born, every day is important for the parents. But it is hard to celebrate an event for the baby even when the baby is not born yet. Different cultures celebrate baby showers in different ways. Although baby shower is a new term these days & various rituals are attached with baby showers which take us back to the ancient times. Celebrating baby shower is a celebration of motherhood and the new state a mother is about to enter.

A baby shower is a pre-preparation for the mother to understand the responsibilities she is about to take as a mother. Egyptians did not celebrate the typical baby shower but they did observe rituals that relate to motherhood and pregnancy. Most of the Egyptian celebrations were conducted after the birth of the baby. Like Egyptians, the Greece also had the rituals to celebrate the baby birth.

Baby Shower in Today’s Time

Like everything, a baby shower has also evolved over the years. The typical baby showers have been replaced by technology these days. People would send graphically designed invitations. Baby showers were considered to be a female event but these days, it has rather turned out to be an event with men and women equally participating.

People plan their baby showers months ahead of the delivery. Party planners also offer their services and provide expert consultancy for the event. Baby showers are not only restricted to women these days, men participate equally. If a woman is entering into motherhood, so is a father entering into fatherhood. The parents can plan the event themselves adding a personal touch to it. A list can be prepared for all the happenings of the event.

What Do You Need for a Baby Shower?

The baby shower planning list can be as follows:

  1. Decide the host for the event.
  2. Decide the budget for the event and manage the event accordingly.
  3. The venue of the event is very important. The baby shower can be held at home or even in a hall. The decision of the venue depends on the budget.
  4. Prepare a guest list of friends and family and inform them about the event beforehand so that they can make necessary arrangements.
  5. The baby shower can be based on a theme or it can be a simple event.
  6. Sending out invitations to the guest list including a map and address details of the venue is very important.
  7. Plan the menu. A good baby shower can always have a cake. If the food is being ordered from a restaurant, it can be tried before to see the taste.
  8. Prepare some games keeping all the audiences in mind. Different games can be arranged for mothers and fathers as well.
  9. Goody bags can be a good way to say thank you for attending the event and adding a gift as a sign of gratitude.

Baby Shower Planner Template

Following is given a baby shower planner template that will help you plan your event in a comprehensive way.

Baby Shower Planner Template


Format: MS Excel 2003 & Later