Appreciation Letter from Parent to Teacher

Teachers are the builders of your child’s personality. You can always see lots of efforts put by the teachers behind the success of a person. In school or college, the teacher is responsible for the good or bad result of the student. When your child performs tremendously in the exam, then you should be thankful to the teacher because it was the efforts and endless hard work of him/her that took the child to the road to success.

It is good to appreciate a teacher because it boosts the performance. The parents of a child can appreciate the teacher by sending a warm letter of appreciation since writing a letter of appreciation apart from sending cards is very effective.

The tone of the letter should be soft and make the reader feel how grateful you are to him/her. Start the letter with some greeting sentences. If you want to keep your letter brief, add one or two greeting sentences. Adding the subject in the letter is also very important. The language you use should be simple and easy to understand. There is no need to include poems and quotes in the letter you can simply appreciate in your own words.

Appreciating does not mean using flattering words in the letter. Keep it simple and real. End the letter with some positive notes and express your expectations for the teacher in future. Check the letter for any grammatical mistakes.

Sample Letter

Dear (Recipient’s Name),

I would like to show the gratitude and thankfulness for being teacher of my child. With your guidance and assistance, my child gets 90% marks and got a scholarship from the board. Your patience and understanding have impressed me a lot. You always listened to my child and solved his all problems. I think my child is fortunate to have a teacher like you.

At the end, I would again like to say thanks to you for teaching my child so well.

Preview of Sample Letter

Appreciation letter from parent to teacher

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