Agreement Letter for Room Rental


Thank you for reaching out to us. Our company is one of the top-notch companies who deal in room rental service. I appreciate your choice. With immense pleasure, I am writing to inform you that we have not one but three rooms available in your desired location. I have attached the pictures of the room with this letter.

If you are interested, we can arrange a personal visit too. All the rooms have attached baths with hot and cold water service available. The rooms are air-conditioned, semi-furnished (including a single bed, a side table, a dressing table, a study table, a chair, and a 3 doored wardrobe).

The building is a triple story and every floor has its own kitchen. The service of a refrigerator, microwave, stove, iron stand, washing machine, and dispenser is also available on every floor. Each floor has 3 rooms. The room will be available to you on the following terms and conditions:

  1. The rent of the room is $[X] per month and will be paid in advance. 
  2. The rent will remain [X] for a whole year and will be increased by 10 percent in the next year. 
  3. Security will be charged from every tenant which will be equal to 2 month’s rent. In your case, it will be $[AMOUNT].. 
  4. Smoking and intake of drugs are prohibited inside the room.
  5. The tenant can leave the room with one month prior notice, or by keeping one month rent in lieu. 
  6. The tenant will be solely responsible for the damaging of the products provided by the landowner. i.e (furniture, electronics)
  7. The landowner will be keeping an extra key of the room for security and inspection purposes. 
  8. No entry is allowed after 11:00 pm.
  9. Guests are only allowed in the visiting hours.
  10. Loud music and such activities which can cause a nuisance for other tenants should be avoided at all costs. 
  11. The agreement can be changed and terminated by the landowner. 

Kindly, read the above-mentioned clauses and write us back in response. You may also reach us via call. Waiting to hear from you soon. 


Agreement letter for room rental


As per your query, I am glad to inform you that XYZ company deals in all kinds of room rental services. We have a room available for you that aptly suits your needs. The room is fully furnished and is situated in a well-known locality. I am sharing the terms and conditions with you. If you agree with the below-mentioned clauses, kindly let us know so we may sign the deal. 

  1. The rent of the room will be paid in advance.
  2. The rent will be increased by 5 percent bi-annually. 
  3. The rent of the room will be $[X] per month.
  4. No security is needed in advance. However, the tenant will be paying for all the damages caused after the starting period of rental tenure. 
  5. The contract will be revised every six months. 
  6. The landowner reserve the right to cancel the agreement if there is a delay in the payment of rent or any kind of illegal activity or political activity is found.
  7. The room cannot be used for any business or commercial purpose. 
  8. Electricity bills should be paid within due dates. 

Please, read the above-mentioned terms thoroughly and let us know via call or letter so we may proceed further. You can also visit our office on Tuesday, 5th October 20XX. Looking forward to serving you soon. 


Agreement letter for room rental