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Weight Loss Logs

For individuals who are trying to shed those extra pounds know the struggle and pain. Add up the maintenance of a log is bonus difficulty not to mention excruciatingly as well. Nutritionists and dietitians claim that people who are on the path to weight loss fail to record what they have eaten, how much exercise they have conducted and weekly how much weight was lost. This is why these individuals get exasperated and often give up.

Maintaining and making a weight loss template for current and future use isn’t hard at all. For a long-term weight loss plan, a template can be used for many months to come.

To make a template one needs to choose an application, Microsoft Excel is the recommended one since it has rows and columns already installed and all that is needed is to be done is type in the information. The first template should begin with the name along with the targeted weight loss for the month, such as 10 pounds following the month (January, February and so on).

The table should consist of three columns starting from what was eaten throughout the day which can further be subdivided into the time such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The second column should mention how much time was spent on exercising. This can also include the type of exercises conducted. The last column should point out how much weight loss was observed in a day.

It is advised that this weight loss template is made with the consultancy of your dietitian or doctor.


Weight loss log template

Weight Loss Log
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