Warning Letter for Violation of Company Policy

Following policies can be hard. Being a person who goes by the rules will need years of hard work and patience. But at the same time, it is very important to highlight the need for policies and procedures as they are the essential part of any organization. Policies and procedures together provide a road map to the day-to-day operations.

Company policies can be used to aid in decision making and streamline the internal processes. It is easy to formulate any policies and procedures but there is no point of such policies if no one follows them. Rather than forcing the employees to follow the policies, it is better to make them understand the importance of those policies. If we keep on working randomly, we will create a chaotic situation for us and others as well. Following the policies can make a company run its operations smoothly. When you have policies in place, it can help to identify any loopholes in the system.

Following policies make it easy to utilize your time and resources effectively and it will be easy to set and achieve goals. It is very important to know what is expected from you. When you have policies in place, every employee will be clear of what they need to do.

Sample Letter:

Dear [Employee Name],

We have always tried to implement policies which are in the best interest of the company as well as employees. We are sure that these policies will help us achieve our long-term goals. If any company achieves its long-term goals, even the employees benefit from them as they get more opportunities to grow.

Every year, the company consults all the department heads before designing the policies and we make sure that we introduce policies which are realistic and easy to follow. We even train our employees to follow those policies. On certain occasions, we have observed you violate the company policies. Discipline has always been our priority and we will never encourage any employee to violate the company policy.

Please take this letter as the final warning and try your best to comply with company policies. Please let us know if we can help you in any way.




Warning letter for violation of company policy

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