Warning Letter for Leave without Approval

Discipline is very important in life, especially at work. So to maintain this discipline, every company constructs some procedures and processes. It is very important for every employee to comply with these procedures. If an employee complies with the rules well, it maintains the discipline of the workplace. But if an employee breaches the rules, it is very important to talk to them about their behavior. When an employee breaches a rule, it is very important to take a prompt notice. As not taking a notice can aggravate the situation and encourage a culture of not complying with laws among other employees as well.

Every company maintains warning letters but they are only dusted off when such situations appear. Before issuing a warning letter, it is better for the manager or the HR to speak to the employee. A verbal warning can be given and then the behavior can be monitored. If the employee does not improve his conduct, then an official warning letter can be issued.

Sample Letter:

Dear [NAME],

Your team lead has brought to our attention that you have taken a leave without prior notice and leave approval on a date (dd/mm/yy). You can avail your leaves any time you want but for that, it is very important to inform your lead so that he can review the work load and/or assign your tasks to another employee. Any leaves that are uninformed and unauthorized will not be applicable for paid leaves. Also, uninformed leaves are regarded as a breach of employment laws.

You have been a diligent employee and we have always praised your work well. But discipline has been our major focus to maintain decorum at work. In the case of an emergency, it is your duty to inform your line manager at your earliest. Employee absence has a direct effect on your performance and morale. We encourage every employee to speak to the HR or the team lead regarding any issues to reduce the employee absenteeism from work.

If you continue this behavior, we will have to consider some serious disciplinary action. We expect you to improve your behavior and carry on your responsibilities with due diligence.


HR Management


Warning letter for leave without approval

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