Visitors Log Template

Visitors Log

Anyone who is operating his/her own business entity or organization must know that the importance of meeting new people, having conversations with potential customers, planned and unplanned visits by clients and other different types of meetings in an office.

The benefits and advantages of such public relation are infinite. It is a regular process and cannot be stopped at any point in time. Because you meet such a large number of people on a daily basis, it is not humanly possible to remember each and every one of them with details of their personal information. But recalling them for any future purpose is unavoidable. You also need to maintain a track of all your previous meetings and those that are planned for future. For this purpose, you should have a visitor log template.

How can a Visitor Log Template help you?

A visitor log template is a common official document that is used to maintain a record of all the clients and visitors that come and visit your office at a particular period of time. It is a very valuable document that helps provide solid evidence for the clients or customers visit. The visitor log template consists of all the relevant information of the visitor like his name, address, contact information, the purpose of making the visit and date and time of the visit. This way an entire record book is maintained of all the people who have visited the place in a specific time and you can review it even a year after and see who visited you when and why.

visitors log


Visitors Log Template
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