Vehicle Log Template

Vehicle Logs

Various organizations facilitate their employees by providing them transport for business-related events such as meetings. These vehicles are the property of the organization and their maintenance and keep up is charged to the organization’s account. To keep account of when and where the vehicle was used and for what purposes, every employee facilitated by a vehicle is given a vehicle log.

These vehicle logs are to be submitted either weekly or monthly depending on the policies and regulations of the organization. But mostly weekly submissions are enforced.

The vehicle log template starts by the name of the organization along with details such as the contact number and address on top. Below it should include the department with the employees’ name, employee id number and the vehicle that was allotted to them. The next heading should enquire details about the vehicle such as the registration number, make and model. This helps the bookkeepers in maintaining an organized record.

After all the details are noted, the next section queries particulars about the journey and the reason behind it. The first column should mention the date and time when the journey began and ended following with how many kilometers were traveled. The third column asks the filler to state the reason behind the journey. The fourth and fifth column are about the driver such as the name and the signature. This makes the entry more authentic.

It is advised that the log should be taken along the trip so noting down the particulars and details is easy and the chance of error is reduced.


Vehicle log template

Vehicle Log Template
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