Business Travel Log Template

Traveling Log

Nowadays, traveling for business is usually inevitable. Employers generally pay for your business-oriented travel expenses. This will ensure good business practice. These travels benefit them with countless progress.

Every company has its own policy to set the travel expenses, which should be clearly discussed. On a trip, it is mandatory to organize all of your business travel expenses to present it in front of the designated authorities.

The traditional way of maintaining a travel log is writing the travel dates and destinations with your receipts in a printed spreadsheet. This has to be reviewed and edited on daily basis.

The other option is a user-friendly way where you download free travel log templates online and fill in the daily travel details in it. You can create a folder that stores all of your travel papers like ticket receipts, flight/hotel booking confirmation.

Your company is also working in the same manner. If the business is using their own vehicle for traveling then the travel log will assist to timeline the vehicle used, the mileage, date and time of usage, etc. There are several online free travel log templates available to track your travel expenses.

A business travel log template can be digitally maintained to enable a program calculation of the distance traveled and the time took on weekly bi-weekly or monthly basis

  • Date of departures and arrivals
  • Vehicle used with registration number
  • User and or driver’s name with required profile
  • Traveling Destination
  • Objective of travel
  • Odometer readings
  • User’s signature

Next time you are ready to record your travel log, go –online and browse for free travel log templates.


Business Travel log template

Business Travel Log
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