Teacher/Student Weekly Lesson Planner

A good teacher always comes up with a lesson plan in class. He/she clearly knows about the learning objectives. Without a lesson plan, a teacher may not be able to deliver what the students need to learn in a class meeting.

Lesson planning helps a teacher to be an effective teacher because lesson planning offers many advantages. A good lesson plan helps a teacher to deliver his lecture in a systematic manner. It helps students knowing what they are going to learn today. Students also feel satisfied that their course is being covered sequentially in a timely fashion.

Those teachers who do not come up with a lesson plan are quite lazy and irresponsible. Students also feel frustrated and think of their teacher as careless and negligent. A good teacher with a good lesson plan takes less time, carefulness and attentiveness of students.

Necessary for effective lesson presentation

A teacher can only deliver a good lecture when he/she is prepared with his/her lesson. Teacher/Student weekly lesson planner is easy to use. It allows you to plan a whole week’s lesson. Keep it with you in school, college or university so that you cannot miss a single thing while taking up the class. It has sections for each period. You can write a plan of lesson against each period of a day. By using this weekly lesson planner, you can list topics that are to be completed each day. In other words, it acts as a teacher’s guide or roadmap for every class. Furthermore, you can also pen down notes at the end of each week for your assessment and evaluation.


weekly lesson planner template

Weekly Lesson Planner Template
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