Survey Cover Letter

If you are a researcher or a student of some higher degree, you will know what the significance of the survey cover letter is. It is an important document for those working in the field to collect data for research purposes. They can make use of this form to use as a welcome letter for everyone who voluntarily becomes a participant of the specific research.

Who could be the Addressee?

The addressee of the survey cover letter is anyone who could be helpful for the fulfillment of your research objectives. You can choose any segment of the society for this purpose to whom you could address this specific form. For example, if you are conducting a research on students, you can take a certain group of students from some educational institution and write this survey cover letter keeping them in mind.

How to Prepare?

You need to use a certain formal language and way of communication to attempt to write this survey cover letter. You might have to first explain your research proposal briefly to the prospective research participants so they get an idea about the research. You can explain in layman terms the basic objective behind the conduction of this research so people could understand it easily. After clarifying your objectives and conveying to the research participants, you can politely request them to fill out the questionnaire(s) attached along with. So, everything is done formally in a way that serves your research purposes well.

Sample Preview

survey cover letter template


Survey Cover Letter
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