Sample Cash Receipt Template

Business Cash Receipts

Many documents and files are used in organizations to record business transactions and provision of references and support for future activities. Every business function like marketing, RH, Finance, sales, and accounting has its own set of official documents and some of them are even interdepartmental. These official documents are used as part of the business’ daily operations and standard procedures and all employees working in an organization must know how to use and create such documents. One such very important and commonly used document in business entities is business cash receipt.

The business cash receipt template is essentially an accounting document that is used by large and small organizations alike. It is used at the point of sales where ever the business entity makes a sale. This means that whenever a company sells any of its products and services in return for cash, it will issue business cash receipt to the buyer as a record of the cash received.

The sample cash receipt contains some basic information entries like the date of the transaction, the time of receiving the cash, amount of cash received, the person receiving the cash and person giving the cash. It is a printed document in most cases and has a simple format that is common in all organizations. This business cash receipt helps keeps a record of the cash receiving and is an evidence for any future references or disputes. You can download the cash receipt template from the internet and make necessary modifications but we have here samples for you that you will definitely like to use.


Sample Cash Receipt Template

Sample Cash Receipt Template
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