Salary Increase Request Letter for Long Service

After spending a particular period, you can use this letter to request for the increment in the salary. The job responsibilities, as well as the performance details, should be given in this letter to justify your request for the increase in salary.

This letter also serves as a formal documentation of your request to get an increment in the salary. The written request enables the manager of the company to discuss the salary and the potential increase in it.

How to request for an increase in salary by writing a letter?

To make your request fulfilled, it is important to draft it in the letter very effectively. Below are the tips that can help you prepare a request letter for getting an increment in the salary.

  1. Try to be specific while writing this request letter. The request letters are not written with lots of unnecessary details. A specific request letter is more likely to convince the reader.
  2. Write all of your achievements and contributions to the company where it is required. Just keep that in mind that the letter should not be over crowded with lots of achievements details. This will portray you as a self-oriented person
  3. Take some time in writing everything about yourself that will justify your demand for increasing the salary.

Detailing the achievements is very useful because it also supports the manager if he wants to get the approval from any other department of the firm.

  1. Provide all the details related to you. Make sure that the detail provided by you is solid and makes sense.
  2. Try to be humble in your tone and show your gratefulness towards your employer.
  3. The most important to remember while requesting for the increase in salary through the letter is not to feel shy while asking for the increment if you think you are worth it.
  4. End the letter with the kind and polite statements and tell the employer that you are hoping for your request to be considered.

Use the following letter as a sample or draft it directly by making few necessary changes. Use MS Word software for the purpose.

Sample Template

Salary increase request letter for long service

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