Request Letter for Return of Goods

Goods are basically the tangible and movable items that fulfill human needs. All the necessities and luxuries are basically termed as goods. In contrast, services are intangible and they satisfy the human wants by using human workforce. Goods and services have the wide range of terms and conditions.

Both goods and services have some amount of tax that is always paid as it is included in their cost. When it calls for goods; there can be various conditions like purchasing of goods and their delivery. Sometimes the shipping of goods covers different conditions. Sometimes faulty goods are received then a refund or replacement takes place.

Apart from all this when shifting or movement occurs from either a city or certain premises; the return of the goods or the belongings generally seems. In such cases, the request is being sent to the landlords or owners for return.

Such letters may contain the details about the vacated day and date along with the charges if signed in the related contract. And the delivery addresses and contact numbers are most important in such letters.

Sample Letter

I hope you are doing well. As per the contract, I have vacated the office on the fifth floor in your Softech plaza. It was being the most satisfactory tenancy in the long course of my business. I have vacated it on 17th November 2017. I, therefore, request you to deliver my goods to the mentioned address.

My goods include three laser printers, five computer systems, two fax machines and one photo state machine. All of them are completely functional. According to the contract between us, I vacated the office before the due date.

My one-year contract was until 20th November 2017. I am not liable for the delivery charges. Enclosed with the letter are my address and phone number where you can deliver all the goods. I request you to please contact and confirm before delivering the respective goods as to avoid any mismanagement and hurdles. I shall be very thankful to you for in-time response and delivery.


 Request letter for refund of goods

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