Request Letter for Replacement of Damaged Goods

Damages, losses, and disasters are always hard to bear. Whether the damage is of any kind, it leaves some scratches behind in every walk of life. Some damages are too easy to recover. But, some damages or losses can never be recovered like loss of the death of a beloved.

Some natural disasters are too difficult to recover but by some way or the other, they can be recovered. When the damages among goods occur; it can be recovered with either replacement or refund. There are a variety of acts regarding consumer rights on behalf of the goods. The satisfactory level of consumers is the most important factor in terms of goods and services. The damaged goods should always be replaced in time to build trust among customers. As this is the way to create a name in the eyes of consumers.

Sample Letter

Dear [Recipients Name],

I am writing to inform you about the damaged goods I have received in the order number 235 through the shipment #A876. I have received the order on 29th November 2017. The items included the cosmetics. Among these cosmetics were leaked cartons of face wash, shampoo, conditioner, baby lotion and skin creams.

I want a replacement of the whole order as all the cartons were fully damaged. According to the contract among us, the replacement chargers are liable after the due date. I have informed before the due date.

This is the second time I am receiving damaged goods. Please inquire about the shipment and fix all the flaws. The stock at my supermarket is almost finished. Our customers are complaining too much about the shortage of these products. Enclosed with the letter is the photocopy of my receipt. The quantity of all the products is mentioned in it. I am also sending the photocopy of the contract for few signatures from your side. Please read and sign them for future concerns and send them back with my order.

For any queries, I will be available on this number 241-2572344. I will be waiting for a prompt response.

Thank you.


Request letter for replacement of damaged goods

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