Repair Invoice

Repair invoice template as the name depicts is related to the business of repair services done to any mechanical, electrical and electronic items that need repair. Such repair works are handed over to the experts of the said field and when the work of repair is done the invoice for billing is raised. If in any repair work, spare parts are replaced with the defective ones then definitely the rates of these spare parts are also included in this invoice. Repair invoice template or auto repair invoice also includes the charges of labor who work on the repair work. In repair works, most of the time the labor rates are negotiated and in that case whether the invoice is re-prepared or invoice remains the same and payment is made according to negotiated rates.


This repair invoice is among the category of generic invoices and is most of the times used small level business men who are engaged in seasonal trading. This type of invoice can also be used by those professionals who run multiple businesses under one roof.

Repair invoice templateRepair invoice template is offered by different invoice making professional companies and can also be found online for free downloading. This invoice is almost an easy one that can be used by professionals without much difficulty. The repair invoice is typically used to mention the status of repair records so these have no impact on other transactions of internal accounting. The basic details included in this invoice are repair service that are completed, model and other specs of the items repaired, time and date of work and other relevant details.


Download: Repair Invoice