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A hazard report form is generally filled to report the hazard incident occurred. The report form is well organized in a professional way that presents the details of the incident. The form is generally prepared by hazard assessment organization or department or by weather forecasting and hazard disaster control management. It is filled to provide details of the incident to the higher management or authorities.

The form is filled by providing information about a person or department that is complaining and the details of the incident. The general information required to fill in the person or department’s name, complete address, designation of the person preparing hazard report, contact number, email, and fax.

The other details about the hazard incident may include writing date of hazard incident, duration of incident, type of hazard: Either natural or man-made, major causes of hazard, brief description of the hazard, affected areas, details of damage caused, any loss of lives or infrastructure, impact on natural resources and loss of environment and any damage to human health etc.

It is good to include any efforts made by people, local authorities or organization to overcome the loss and if there is any compensation offered by all or any of these. A detail report is needed about the total loss after the incident.

Finally, the declaration is needed to made by the report preparing person that all the information provided in this report is correct and genuine before presenting to the higher or concerned authorities.

The attached sample printable hazard report form is fully equipped to contain all above-mentioned details. One can download and use this form for the purpose. However, it can be customized and printed as per one’s requirement.

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hazard report form template


Hazard Report Form Template
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