Partnership Acknowledgement Letter

A business can be conducted by three different entities. These three entities are a sole proprietorship, partnership, and corporation. It depends upon the management and setup of the person or persons that which entity is suitable. These all types have their own management and profit loss situations. The way to cope with all is somewhat similar. But, controversial issues are also seen everywhere.

The method of taxation on all entities needs to be focused before starting a business. And the risk is a key factor to be focused on all businesses. The risk is the first point to be kept in mind when starting any kind of business. Additionally, the best way is to always create some backup before running any business. In this way, all situations can be dealt with lesser complexity.

The legality of business is the first and foremost requirement of all businesses additionally, acknowledgments and proofs are also important. Acknowledgments are sort agreements in a written form regarding different business situations. In such letters; the correct dates, the names, and the business contract details are important.

The following letter can be used for acknowledgment of partnership by either parties or concerning persons of a business. The information needs to be accurate in these letters.

Sample Letter

Subject: Partnership Acknowledgment

Dear Mr. /Ms.  [NAME HERE],

I hope to find you the best in health and spirits. I am [Name Here] on behalf of the meeting held last week on 20th December 2017 in DGR Corporation private limited for starting a merger with my company SEAR Corporation; I acknowledge my partnership with all my consent. I am sending you a copy of the signed contract. I will be waiting for a signed copy from you. I hope for the best fruitful results of our partnership. You are cordially invited to visit the site so that we can proceed with all the respective work. I wish and pray for best luck for both corporations and profitable long-lasting relationships amongst each other. I would be waiting for the updates from your side. I hope to see you soon.

Yours truly,


Partnership Acknowledgement Letter

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