Partial Shipment Request Letter

The world has become a global village, so an exchange of ideas creates awareness and improvement in the setup of all countries. As well as, different cultures are being understood. One way of physical exchange is import and exports. Due to different climate and weather of all countries, the production and growth are totally different from each other. One can easily import and export all kind of goods that are not available in the respective country. In addition, the broad setup of import and exports are providing a great deal in strengthening the economic development of a country.

The transportation can be done by sea, roads, air, and rail. The shipment of goods has a variety of rules and regulations that need to be followed accordingly. The terms and conditions need to be accepted with the mutual consent of the buyer and supplier.

Partial shipment request letter can be from both buyer and the supplier depending on the situation. Such letters always need the accurate information regarding order like quantity, price, due date and the date of signed contract etc.

The following letter is a partial shipment request for merchandise needed urgently.

Sample Letter

Subject: Urgent Shipment of Merchandise

Dear Mr. /Ms.  [NAME HERE],

I am [NAME HERE]. I hope you are doing great. With due respect, first I must thank you for the order. The order number is 24ER which is to be received on 1st January 2018. The approximated amount is 24 small cartons, 30 medium cartons, and 49 large cartons. The cost is $5000.

I need a partial shipment urgently. The stock at my supermarket is finished. The winter season is in full swing and heavy snowfall has started. The customers are buying all the households for stocking at their home. This was the reason; the stock was finished before time.

I will be accommodating you with 10% extra on the cost of this partial shipment. Enclosed with the letter are all the necessary details mention regarding the request. I shall be very grateful to you for a very prompt response. Please, I need it before 10th December 2017.



Partial Shipment Request Letter

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