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Students are your institution’s most important assets and so is the case with daycares and other areas where children and youngsters dominate. To maintain an effective relationship with them you have to analyze each and every aspect. Parent communication is one of them. It has become crucial to contact the parents regarding some thoughtful issues about their children.

Parents are so busy and effective communication with them has become a difficult task. Verbal communications are readily forgotten and are taken for granted. It is therefore required to look for some effective course of communication with parents. There are many ways to communicate with parents like notes, statement boards, phone calls, verbal conversations, emails, social media sites etc.

In premises where countless students accommodate or a daycare center on a vast scale, it is very difficult to remember and keep track of each parent-teacher or parent-authority communication. To solve this entangling situation a parent communication form has been designed. This form records all the communication that has done with parents along with the mode of communication.

The printed forms are written and signature by both the parent and authority and filed for future inspection. This is a traditional chore which was adopted before the digitally available facilities. Now with the breakout of digitization in every field, the online pre-formatted parent communication forms have facilitated this parent communication tracking.

These templates are designed exactly on the printed parent communication forms template listing the name of both students and parents. The title of the communicating teacher or staff with signature need to be mention, also the mode of communication like phone, E-mail and lastly, the reason for contact.

This online compilation has facilitated the tracking of parent communication records in any aspect.

parent teacher communication log

Parent Teacher Communication Log
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