Official Teacher Complaint Form


The provider of education and knowledge to others is called a teacher. Such a person may also be teaching his or her pupils some physical or mental skills. All of us are teachers one time or the other. Sometimes we are subconsciously teaching others some important things while at other times teachers may be employed as professionals in an educational institution or privately.


A student is a person or a group of persons who are educated by the teachers.

What is teacher complaint form?

Sometimes it happens that a student or parents of a student may have some grievances or complaints which they want to communicate to the higher authorities of the institution. A teacher complaint form has been devised for the same reason. It is a document or application that is used by applicants to register their complaints against a teacher in a formal manner.

The teacher’s complaints may be about various elements of the institution. These may include students, bad language, behavior issues, class discipline, gender discrimination, abusive language, insufficient classroom facilities and much more.

Contents of Teacher Complaint Form:

The contents of a very basic teacher complaint form include the following things:

  • Name of the teacher
  • Personal details of the teacher including address and contact information
  • Nature of complaint
  • Details of complaints
  • Supporting evidence to prove the complaint

The form is available with the management and administration of the institution and can be obtained upon demand. All the applicants need to do is fill it up and submit it to the designated authority. It is a convenient way to register your complaints.

Teacher complaint form template


Official Teacher Complaint Form
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