Official Rate Sheet


For any organization the amount of products that they sell is important and so is the amount of money that they get from the products. For this they need to make sure that they tell their customers and their clients about the rates of the different products that they sell and they set a specific rate so as to sell their merchandise. These rates are set according to various criteria such as cost of manufacturing and producing, profit and etc. An organization needs to make sure that it provides its clientele with the rates and for that it makes a rate sheet.


A rate sheet is a form of sheet which has rates of all the products and is handed out to various clients or is set on the shops or branches so the clientele can see the rates. A rate sheet should be designed according to the needs and requirements of the organization and should be made in such a way that they are efficient for the customers and effective for the organization.


Rate sheet template should be divided into various sub divisions which make the reader to be easy to comprehend the rate list. For example, food items should list rates of food items only. By this, clients would be able to find rates for their needs easily. Make sure that the rate sheet is divided in to columns that make reading easier and not difficult. It shouldn’t be too overcrowded and not too vague as well.

DOWNLOAD: Rate Sheet Template