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Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement, commonly abbreviated as prenup or prenupt, is an agreement documented prior to marriage, civil union. The matter of prenuptial agreements diversified, it usually specifies for property division and support if divorce or breakup takes place. It can list the term about the penalty of assets if the divorce is perceived because of adultery.

A prenup defines the possessions and monetary rights of each spouse if they get divorce. Prenupt are often used to safeguard the belongings of well-off spouses and also shield the genetically inherited business.

Components of prenupt include

  • Names of the parties
  • Payment of Living Expenses agreed by the couple
  • Financial Statements of both spouses
  • two original documents with signatures one to be given to each spouse
  • sometimes notarization become crucial
  • witnesses signature

According to the law it is not permissible to allow certain requirements in a premarital agreement. This is a state-to-state legal variation. However, children matters are complicated as no spouse is agreed to compromise pre-maturely on such issues. Some states also have different consideration about the limitation of alumni. Enforcement in the issues of house chores, children religion and similar matters could be resolved by documenting a prenuptial agreement.

The advantage of a prenuptial agreement is cross passing extra costs and unnecessary lawyer fees related to the case submitted in court. Through A prenuptial agreement the property distribution issues are resolved according to the couple desires.

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Prenuptial Agreement Template
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