Meal Log Template

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The meal log template is a document related to the nutritional intake of an individual. On average a healthy person needs to have at-least 1200-1300 calories per day. This is necessary for him/her to stay healthy. But studies and research have shown that if the optimal amount of calories is exceeded then the prescribed limit, it may cause serious health and physical problems. These may include damages and malfunction of lungs, heart diseases, and stomach problems. The excess intake of calories may lead to the production of fat and fluctuations in normal blood pressure.

What is a Meal Log Template?

It is, therefore, necessary that people take care of their nutritional intake of food items. You need to calculate a number of calories that you consume every day and how much energy you need to have. For this purpose, you need to assess the food that you eat and calculate a number of calories in that food and how much energy will be provided to you. You should not at all exceed this amount of optimal energy and calories.

The meal log template is a great method of achieving the above targets. It is a very handy and useful document and can be utilized to calculate and assess a number of calories in a given portion of food. The meal log template is an organized document that is very easy to use and requires you to put every single thing of the food that you consume on this document. It also requires that you put in all the workout that you are doing.


Meal Log Template


Meal Log Template
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