Letter Requesting Genealogy Record from Church

You may need to request the management of a church to provide you with the entire biographical details of your family. It is a complicated task that can be simplified by writing a letter. Writing a letter to the church for getting the genealogy record is very useful when you don’t have enough time to visit the church physically for getting the record. Using the postal services always saves a lot of time.

The format of the Letter?

The format of this letter is similar to other professional letters with a slight difference. Here are the important things before you start writing the letter

  1. Mention the date at the top of the page. You can use any format of the date.
  2. Mention the name and the address of the person whom you are writing this letter to.
  3. Start the body of the letter with formal sentences of greeting.
  4. Give your brief introduction and tell the reader the reason for which you want to get the church’s genealogy record.
  5. Since you are writing this letter to get the information about the ancestors, it is important for you to give the details of the family and relatives so that the management of the church can know the type of information to be provided upon your request.
  6. Make sure that you give every detail very clearly and there is no ambiguity in the details mentioned in the letter.
  7. In the end, give the details of the payment.
  8. The letter should be ended with closing remarks. Make sure that you have written appropriate closing remarks.
  9. Include your signature and end the letter with your address and contact details

Important Tips

Here are the tips that can help you in writing a professional request letter.

  1. The letter should mention the application for genealogy record so that there is no confusion.
  2. Include your request precisely and shortly
  3. There should not be any commanding attitude in the letter.

Following is given a letter that can help you write a good letter for the purpose. Hope it helps!

Sample Template

Letter Requesting Genealogy Record from Church

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