Letter of Resignation due to Company Merge

Resignation letters are one of the commonly used letters in professional life. These letters only work when you know exactly when to write them. The letter of resignation due to the company merge is written when the company where you are working is going to be merged, and you find yourself no longer suitable for the company. The resignation letter for this purpose is like the simple resignation letter except for the reason which is the merger of the company.

You have been working with the company for many years. The company has made big achievements, and now it has grown. Now it is going to merge because of which the employees including you will have to face a lot of changes. If you think that these changes are not acceptable to you or you will not be able to work in such a changed environment, you can quit working in that company.

Tips for writing resignation letter:

Here are the tips for writing an effective resignation letter.

  1. Start the letter with an amiable tone.
  2. The letter should specify that the reason of your resignation is the merger of the company.
  3. Write the letter in a precise manner.
  4. Giving notice before leaving the job is a professional behavior. Give notice in your resignation letter.
  5. End the letter with very kind tone.

The main contents of the resignation letter:

The main details that are added to the body of the letter are:

  1. A clear statement at the start of the letter that indicates that you are writing it for resigning from the job.
  2. After date, provide the date on which you will leave the job. The date of leaving the job completely depends on the notification given by you.
  3. After mentioning the date, give a precise and to the point explanation of leaving the job by telling why the merger of the company is not suitable for you.
  4. Include the thank you statement at the end of the letter indicating.

The following letter is all in ready to use format. Download & make suitable personal changes and forward it.

Sample Template

Resignation letter due to company merge

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