Lesson Planners


The lesson plan is an important document for a teacher because it serves as a detailed description of the course of instruction for one class. The plan is designed by a teacher to guide students for the class instructions. The details of the lesson plan may vary according to the preference of the teachers, subjects and the needs of students. Sometimes, the school can mandate some requirements for the designing of the lesson plan.

A well-developed lesson plan should reflect the interests and the needs of students. It is a best practice in the educational field, and the teachers often relate it to the philosophy of education. It is an organized activity, and with its help, a teacher can guide its students in an effective way.

The lesson planners serve as an official plan for a teacher to teach and train students. It is equally beneficial for primary, secondary and senior grade teachers. It is always recommended for teachers to design a lesson plan because it helps them to plan a quick and effective information for students. A lesson plan template is designed to entertain your different needs because it enables you to design a professional lesson plan according to the requirements of your school and students. It is a useful tool to plan your worksheets in a single workbook with the help of different formulas and calculations. It enables you to plan your lesson on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It must enable teachers to divide the whole syllabus into different sections to cover every important topic.


The lesson planner can be designed in a variety of formats, but typically it contains:

  • Title of the lesson
  • Time required completing the lesson
  • List of required items for the successful completion of the lesson
  • List of objects into behavioral subjects and knowledgeable objective
  • Instructional components and risk assessment


Daily lesson planning
is important for the teachers and students of senior grades too. The students of higher grades have good academic background and high IQ level; therefore it is an important duty of the teacher to get fully prepared before start delivering.

There may be different components in a daily lesson planner according to the requirements of the class. It is important to consider the research & academic approach of class while preparing a lesson plan. The lesson planning may be carried out in different sections, including objectives, information, verification, and activity. Leave enough space to write teaching plans, materials and sources required to provide quality information to students. It is an important part of education in every class; therefore a template is designed for your guidance. It is really easy to download, use and modify according to your needs. Download it, and input your details to have a professional looking lesson planner template.

daily lesson planner

DOWNLOAD: Daily Lesson Planner

Format: MS Word



Weekly lesson planner will keep you organized and help you to track all weekly academic activities. Keep yourself mental free, and do not miss anything important. Recall all important events for the upcoming week, record all appointments, chores, outings, events and important meetings. It will include curricular and extracurricular activities too. It is a better way to track your weekly schedules because there is no risk of losing or misplacing the record. Download the template and start your weekly planning for an organized life.


weekly lesson planner

DOWNLOAD: Weekly Lesson Planner

Format: MS Word