Legal Complaint Form


In most parts of the world every country has a very well developed and advanced legal system. All the rules and regulations are pre written in a formal constitution and make the society abide by those rules and laws according to their set standards. When you file a law suit in the court of law, you can do so with the help of a lawyer or legal counsel. He is an expert in the field and can professionally guide you and represent you in the legal proceeding of your case. However in certain circumstances you might want to lodge a complaint against the legal counsel itself.

Legal Complaint Form:

A pre written and drafted document that is used to file a complaint against a lawyer in the court of law is called a legal complaint form. It acts as an application or request to carry out the necessary action against the ill doings of the lawyer. The legal complaint form may contain various elements and fields of legal nature but the common contents of the form include the following:

  • Name of the person filing the complaint
  • Address and contact information of the complaining party
  • Name of the lawyer and his detailed information
  • Nature of complaint
  • Any supporting documents that helps provide proof against the lawyer

These are only some of the basic contents in a legal complaint form. They will vary according to the needs and rules of the country where the complaint is being lodged.

Legal Complaint Form
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