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A learning log is an effective sequence of your learning schedules to help you to keep a record of any learning that you take in daily routine, for example, projects, training events, seminars or exam preparation.

Whenever you design your learning log about some specific area you might dig out the following parameters.

  • The expectations are met or not
  • the most knowledgeable area
  • Are you going to apply this accordingly in practice?
  • You need another perspective of learning

A Learning Log is a periodical schedule which marks your own learning development. It is a compilation displaying what you have sought, and redirected. Learning long should hold:

  1. Your view of that lesson
  2. Your inner thoughts in perceiving the lesson
  3. The consequences of that learning

For example, you may have been trying to sharpen- up your skills and did not succeed. Something went wrong; you may analyze your previous learning and thinking perceptive the next day to figure out whether your opinion is right or wrong. Likewise, you again review your opinion about that worse learning experience after a long span of time and you might think differently.

Your learning log does not ever mean that you are copying bore academic tutorials in your diary, rather anything which you learn from any media like print, the internet, pt. is noted for a precise style in your log with your own comments and future considerations. Your own learning log should reflect you not your lesson.

You can write your log in your personal assigned diary or you can download free learning log templates to ease the procedure.


Learning log template

Learning Log Template
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