Junior Project Manager Resignation Letter

A junior project manager is given the task to plan and organize the projects on which the company works. They are entry level professionals who are yet to gain some experience. Junior project managers have a right to switch to another job with better opportunities. In such a situation they will have to resign from the current job.

The process of writing resignation letter is very stressful but an important part of the life of every professional person. The requirement of the resignation letter is to tell the employer that you are leaving in a straightforward way yet staying respectful and positive as much as possible.

The explanation of the reason for leaving the job is not recommended in the resignation letter. The employee is just required to give the brief information and brief overview of the facts. The letter should communicate the information that is needed by the employer.

Since the project manager at the junior level is at his entry level, he should appreciate the employer for being the first one to give him an opportunity to work in his company. Resignation letters can be written for many reasons and most of them are those that inhibit the ability of a person to continue his work.

Regardless of the reason for resigning, it is always very complex to briefly explain the most comprehensive information in a formal document. Being respectful and positive is the crucial requirement of the resignation letter since it reflects the professionalism and dependability of the employee.

Junior project Manager Resignation letter:


It is to inform you with regret that I am going to resign from the post of junior project manager with the company [ABC]. I’m giving you the notice of two weeks because I was required as per my contract. I would like to say thank you for encouraging me at the entry level of my career. I have really enjoyed working with you in this company and I think that it is time for me to move on for accepting new challenges.


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Junior project manager resignation letter

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