Household Monthly Budget Sheet

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Every house is a small industry that runs on money. We input money to keep it moving smoothly. For any home either big or small it needs a particular amount of money every month for smooth household operations. Depending upon a number of people living in a home makes input money variable in each case. The lifestyle of people also affects for how much money they need to spend in a month. For every individual, it is must to estimate a budget according to his/her requirement for the family.

A household monthly budget template is the answer for all these reasons. It facilitates an individual to keep a balance between his/her income and expense.

The monthly budget sheet provided here is very simple and unique. It will facilitate you to prepare a monthly budget at ease. It has different features to understand before one decides to use it. We will take a look at each part of it how it can facilitate you in a better way.


This is beginning part of the budget template that allows a user to input his/her total income. There may be one or multiple persons in a home who are doing the job. A family can have some income sources other than a job. So, adding up all these incomes will make its total income of the family. An example is given below to understand this.


Expenses are a must. It varies from little to no-limit range. We can sort expenses in two categories, one with a fixed cost and other with a variable. Fixed costs of a family still depend upon a family’s living style. This is next part of the template that carries information about fixed costs of a family. Some entries such as Mortgage, rent expense, car lease, and loan payment has been mentioned in given example.

Next part of the template is a detailed enlisting of variable costs. Variable costs can further categorize to Semi-Variable Costs and Highly Variable Costs. List for both is given in the template and its preview is added also. In the end, total expense and net income have been calculated precisely.

This is a very comprehensive household budget template. It has been prepared using MS Excel. One can download and customize it easily.


Household Monthly Budget Sheet


Household Monthly Budget Sheet
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