House Rent Form

House allowance or House Rent:

In many organizations the employee gets the perk of having a house allowance as part of the salary package. However not all employees are entitled to this allowance. Anyone who falls under these criteria is eligible to get a house rent from the company after the fulfillment of some requirements and pre-requisites. A house rent agreement may also be used whenever an individual or entities rents out a building to another party.

House Rent Form:

A written document that acts as a formal request for seeking the release of house rent is called house rent form. This form is also used whenever a rent agreement is being carried out between two parties.

Contents of the house rent form:

The simple contents of the house rent form include the following fields or elements:

  • Name of Employee or person requesting rent
  • Details of the building or house under rent
  • Owner details of house
  • Party who will take the house occupation and pay the rent
  • Details of rent on monthly or annual basis
  • Time period of rent agreement

Both the parties involved in the rent agreement have to sign the house rent form. In many cases a token money or advance payment is also made before the actual occupation of the house. This amount should also be mentioned in the home rent form. The owner of the house fills in and submits the form to get the rent that is promised to him or her.

House Rent Form
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