Home Inventory List Template

Your insurance policy will require a list of items there in your house to maintain a good set of record which can be used at the time of need. In case you want to ensure your things and apply for that policy, list of the things has to be presented. This will be used for the estimation of loss that can be revalued and analyze the damage or stolen material. The easy solution is that you should prepare a list of record today that can be used later.

Our list can lead you to very accurate inventory and proof of ownership that can be used effectively at the time of loss in a much easier and faster way.

You can use the list in following ways:

  • A detail list of your possessions should be recorded describing all about fixtures and fittings
  • Logical categories can be made for each item
  • Detailed information about the jewels and expensive stuff has to be maintained along with its appraisal
  • Receipt record of large items should be kept saved as to have a clear evidence that heavy amount has been paid
  • Adding a picture of each item along with its detail about model, date of purchase etc
  • Total estimated value has to be calculated and mention on the top of list
  • Record for every room of the house to be kept for example dining, family room or lounge
  • Details about the insurance policy have to be mentioned for the purpose of reference home

Home inventory list


Inventory List Template
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