Genealogy Record Request Letter

There comes a need across you to write a request letter to the funeral home when you want to get the information about someone dead in your family. There is a funeral home that is dedicated to keeping the record of everyone who dies. When you want to get the death record of your ancestors, you are in need to write a request letter for the genealogy record from the funeral home.

Main components of the requesting genealogy letter:

The foremost details that are added to this letter are:

  1. Date
  2. The name of the recipient
  3. Title
  4. The name of the company
  5. Complete address of the addressee

How to write the letter for getting the genealogy record from the funeral home?

The letter should be started with the introduction of the recipient. The introduction includes the reason for writing this letter. The details of the person and the date of his death should be provided in the letter so that the funeral home management can easily track the record.

If you don’t know the exact date of the death, you can only tell the approximate date or year of death, and the funeral home will try to find the record.

Mentioning your address in the letter is also important because it enables the funeral home to send you the copy of the record as well as payment bill to your address.

It is imperative to write a good letter if you are really concerned about getting the information. The best request letter can be written by following the tips given below:

  1. The first rule to write a request letter is to keep it short and simple. A letter with a short description is more likely to be considered and read.

Especially when you are writing to the funeral home, keep that in mind that it has a lot of requests to deal each day because of which they don’t have enough time to read long and explanatory letters.

  1. Make a request for getting the record of the deceased person very accurately.

Following is given a sample letter template that is all in ready to send format. Don’t forget to customize with your name and other relevant information.

Sample Template

Genealogy record request letter from funeral home

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