Fuel Consumption Log Template

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A machine which always consumes a different amount of fuel is calling for an inspection. This log will help you to figure out the reason behind the different fuel consumption rates.

Suppose if the gear consumes more fuel when get heated it means you can track the consumption while taking the reading of logs in the cold atmosphere

It also alerts you when a service is needed as you can track from the log that the age of machine is getting older and a maintenance service is now crucial.by checking that it started to consume more fuel than the time when it is freshly serviced.

Fuel consumption is the term which is generally referred to automobile mileage counting. It means to estimate that how much distance is covered in how much volume of fuel. If a set ratio of fuel /distance is known then by recording fuel consumption logs regularly it is easily detected that the vehicle is being misused or need an overhauling for better consumption.

  • This log helps to find out the actual cost of some machinery by estimating its fuel consumption.
  • It alerts the assigned user about the excessive consumption of fuel.
  • It alarms for a near service of the machinery or vehicle
  • It let the company manage the fuel cost within the budget

Professionals have designed easy to use fuel consumption log templates. These templates like the one designed by MS office is available online at no charge. Just download the templates for prompt fuel consumption entries. These templates are designed for several areas of fuel consumption. For example, a different set-up for the vehicle’s fuel consumption with an amount of fuel in liters and mileage specifications while the other machines can download their fuel consumption templates accordingly.


Fuel Consumption Log

Fuel Consumption Log
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