Formal Student Complaint Form


A student complaint form is a written document or application that is utilized by students to communicate their grievances and complaints to the teachers and other higher authorities of the educational institution.

Student Complaints:

The student complaint form varies from institute to institute and may also have different versions for different nature of complaints. The student may have a complaint about the teachers of the institution or the other students. He may want to register a problem about the classroom or school facilities or any other issues that bothers him or her in the premises of the educational center.

Contents of Student Complaint Form:

The contents of the student complaint form are similar to any other type of complaint forms. These may include but not remain limited to the following:

  • Name of the Student
  • His registration number and other student details like contact data
  • Nature of the student complaint
  • Name of person or subject against whom complaint is registered
  • Supporting documents for evidence.

Students have the leverage of procuring this form from the concerned department in the organization or the school book shop that provides all the stationary and other educational stuff. Once they have mentioned the complaint in a precise and effective manner on the form and filled in all the relevant details needed, they can submit the form to the higher authorities or the designated person of the institute. It should be ensured by the student to make the complaint based on truth and relevant facts should be provided along with it.

Student Complaint Form
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