Fitness & Weight Progress Charts

Human is always cautious about their diet, fitness, and weight. The best thing about them is that they are helped out in ways to get the control of their health and fitness completely. Well in this situation the only possible thing is to note down each and every detail of the fitness and weight aspect that can really make you look beautiful and most of all bring back the confidence in you. Now that you need something that helps you then why not make use of the chart that carries all the little things that you are neglecting which can help you in getting in shape really.

How to use this template

The excel sheet is user-friendly. You can see all information to put in. You are required to fill in all information such as your weight (in pounds), chest, waist, hips, forearm, and wrist measurement in inches according to date pattern.

After you input all this information, next shaded columns will calculate for you an estimated lean body weight, body fat weight, body fat percentage and body mass index (BMI) by itself. Sheets no. 2,3 and 4 will show results related to MEASUREMENT, WEIGHT & BMI, WEIGHT & BODY FAT by itself in graphical format. You will input all information date wise. Below we are adding previews of all these sheets so that you can have an idea of its working before you click to save this template with you.


Fitness & Weight Progress Chart


Fitness & Weight Progress Chart

Sheet#3 WEIGHT & BMI

Fitness & Weight Progress Chart


Fitness & Weight Progress Chart


Use fitness chart and stay in shape:

Well for all the ladies & men anything that really matters is their looks. They want to look slim but not at all tired and weak. For this, it is necessary that they get the proper food and exercise well. To keep your goals set and get encouragement from yourself the fitness and weight loss chart for men & women is of great help. You can mention all the things that you have done in order to be pretty and controlled diet. This is a chart that will make you note down weight fluctuations so that you may know what are the shortcomings and how are you going to cover them up.

Fitness is not dependent only on weight loss but for some, it is about weight gain too and you can use this chart likewise for either of the cases. This is a wonderful template to help you in achieving your health goals and become good looking with your efforts.

Fitness & Weight Progress Chart for Men: Download 

Fitness & Weight Progress Chart for Women: Download