Financial Consultant Resignation Letter

A resignation letter is a formal letter written by the employee or the person on some designation and is presented to the senior or the person he is reported to if he wishes to leave the job. If the person is working as a financial consultant or an advisor, he may present his resignation letter to the manager, financial manager in charge or a senior head running the company.

This letter must have a formal tone and should state a strong reason in it. The employee should keep it professional and must include all the learning he/she has gained at the company. He must also thank his seniors and the management of the particular company for the time he has spent on it. This shows the professionalism and the manners the particular person possesses.

Subject: Financial advisor resignation letter

Respected Sir,

Please consider this letter as information about my painful decision to resign from the job position as a financial consultant in [Company Name]. The last working day according to the policy will be [date]. Through this letter, kindly accept my respect and gratitude for giving me an opportunity to work, learn and grow in your prestigious organization.

However, I am resigning from my post as I have been offered a post as a [designation] at [Company Name]. The new job that I will be doing offers a challenging opportunity, platform and is recognized in the industry. This will allow me to pursue my dream. With this resignation letter, I would like to ensure you that I will value everything that I have learned under your guidance here in this organization forever in my career. During these [years of employment] in the [Company Name], I have kept good associations with my colleagues and financial staff. I am glad to say that I have always found each one of them helping and supportive.

It is a humble request to kindly accept my formal resignation and finalize all the maters as soon as possible. I wish the [Company Name] all the best.


[Name & Signature]


Financial Consultant Resignation Letter


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