Exercise and Fitness Planner

To keep yourself happy make an exercise plan using

Exercise and Fitness Planner Template

We all know the benefits of exercise. As we all know exercise helps in increasing immunity and energy level. It is important for physical health. Good physical health in turn is symbol of mental health. Just 15 minutes of exercise daily can bring you unlimited number of health and physical benefits.

exercise and fitness planner template

Exercise keeps you happy and prevent from many diseases. It helps in increasing stamina and will power. Who does not know the importance of exercise for weight loss and control? It is the best combat against diseases. Research has proven that exercise is good for improving mood and emotional lift. It increases confidence and self-belief.





Stay Healthy by Following Exercise Planner Template

Exercise planner template starts with the basic information about age, height, weight and gender. You can see current body fat of the client head and below it the target body fat which the client wants to achieve through exercise. Our template gives you an opportunity to create list of all the exercises for your fitness training plan. It includes repetitions for different warm-up, strength, cardiac and cool-down exercises. With the plan in front of you helps you to follow it regularly insuring that you will have no breaks in your exercise routine. This exercise planner template keeps on reminding you to achieve your fitness goals and targets. It has separate column to measure weight regularly after every exercise category. So stay healthy and fresh by following this template and enjoy life at its full.

Exercise and Fitness Planner
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