Employee Layoff Letter

Layoff letter of the employee is written by the employer when he has laid off the employee from the job. It is the duty of the employer to send this letter to the employee. An employee needs attention in the letter when he is facing the termination from the job. There can be many reasons for dismissal.

There may be a situation when your company’s health is not good, and it cannot afford so many employees. In that case, you will have to terminate the job of several working employees. The layoff letter written in such a situation should show your care and your regret having to lay off an employee.

Before your layoff, an employee, ensure that your layoff is fair and clean from discrimination. The employee after termination faces a lot of problems including social and financial problems because of which the layoff decision should be made with care.

Before layoff, the manager and the supervisor of a company conducts a meeting with the employee to let him/her know about the layoff and reasons behind it.

How to write a layoff letter:

It is better to know the way by which you can draft a professional looking layoff letter. Here are few tips for writing an effective letter.

  1. Give the reason for layoff. The reason in detail should be provided in a precise manner.
  2. The criteria of the company of terminating the employees should be explained clearly. If the laid off employee is not meeting the criteria, he/she should be told about it. Explain the policy of the company about the workers’ layoff.
  3. Write the letter with a right tone. The wordings that show the superiority complex or behavior should be avoided. The employee should not be given the feeling that he is being criticized.
  4. Since layoff letter is a professionally used letter, its format matters a lot. You should be well-aware of the structure and layout of the letter.
  5. Make sure that the layoff letter that is being written to some employees looks identical. This will avoid many complications.
  6. Following letter can be used as a guide for the purpose.

Sample Template

Employee layoff letter

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