Divorce Application Form

What is a divorce?

The process of cancellation or termination of the legal contract of marriage is called a divorce. It is a reorganization of legal duties and responsibilities allocated in a marital union of two persons. Once a divorce has taken place between married persons, the matrimony bond will be dissolved and there will be no relationship between the two individuals. This is a legal procedure and once completed it can be enforceable by law. The rules and regulations of getting and filing a divorce are different for different countries. Similar variations in procedures and processes are seen among different religions.

What is divorce application form?

Based on the religion, culture and country’s laws the legal procedure of filing for divorce is drafted by the authorities. In almost all cases the first step in the divorce process is the filing of a divorce application form. This is a legal request made to the court of law to end the marital relationship between two persons forever. This dissolution or termination of relationship may be because of conflict of interests, personality clashes or any other reason that is big enough to separate the two individuals for good.

The divorce application form will contain important information and data about both the applicants. It will also mention the number of children if any and the considerations of their custody to either of the parents. Whether there are any kinds of differences between the two persons, filling the divorce application form is the first initiation towards the start of the divorce process.

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Divorce Application Form
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